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Clock Day '07!!!

2007-08-15 16:00:10 by Battered-Prawn

Well I had to didn't I.

I didn't want to follow the crowd by making a shitty flash just because it's clock day, so instead I put some effort into it :). That way I don't feel like cheating the system to get a score of 4+.

There is so much crap that's just getting mass 5ened by everyone! At least it's boosting my B/P points.

Clock Day '07!!!


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2007-08-15 23:26:47

I commend you.

Battered-Prawn responds:

Thanks :P


2007-08-17 17:57:22

Hey whats up?

Battered-Prawn responds:



2007-08-21 18:06:02

lol, that just shows how messed up the system can be at times, on an average day it would have gotton a score of 2-3, but it got 4, well good for you.

lol, i cant wait for madness day.


2007-08-24 00:44:46

This is why newgrounds needs a new kind of a mod...
I've been thinking of like...A portal mod...One that looks in the portal of protected things for crap flash...And they can vote either MEGA 0 or MEGA 5 and after a small amount of mod votes will either protect from mods or be destroyed utterly.


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