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It was well woth the wait.

Probably the best flash I have ever seen, awesome quality, beautifully done.
Keep it up :)


Nice style, clean animation.. but shouldn't you have put mild nudity ^^
onleh joking it was awesome, keep up the good work :D

BritishMoose responds:

You're right, I probably should have. Thanks very much ^^

Thankyou for this inspiring Animation :D

Thanks FleckoGold, these are the kind of flash animations that inspire :)
And no matter what you say, this animation turned out amazingly, t'was kind of sad, how he couldn't manage to save the poor girl that was killed by petty thugs..
The only thing that was on the negative side, is the character development, I don't really understand why she was so important, so a little background information would have helped.

Anyway, thanks for this awesome flash movie!

FleckoGold responds:

Hmm, well I guess I DID assume that everyone would think that the girl was the princess, so I didn't bother putting any more details then the ones shown. So your right, there needs to be a lil more character development in some parts, others, I'd rather leave to the viewer to decide or figure out. A lot of this also couldn't be shown merely because I had no place to fit them in.


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Nice use of API

Nice game, coded entirely by AS you say, nice.
I must say the controls are a bit annoying, I would suggest changing the point of rotation on the character.. as is it's easiest to drive backwards :P


But alot was lacking.
- Add a background.
- Modify controls (going faster would be nice).
- Add more options, maybe mouse control?
- Improve character detail.
- Add proper menus

But still, it was good. And with practise you could be alot better.

RiotFlash responds:

-Add a background
I do have one. Its supposed to be snow. Lazy XD.

-Modify Controls
I just learned how to make a turbo button. I didnt at the time.

-Add more options
Yet another good idea.

-Improve character detail
I suck at drawing. I am trying to improve.

-Add proper menus
Yeah, I suppose I should of.

Great review. It had a nice list of things to improve. Very helpful.

Could have been better (too hard!)

Did you purposely make it too hard to get past even the fist level?!
-Make the ball respond faster
-Give more chances (i.e. 3 lives, one for each hit)

Well at least there is a good potential game under there somewhere.

To flash or not to flash, that is the question.

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