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Hey Newgrounders!

2007-07-20 17:02:11 by Battered-Prawn

Hi guys,

So my first post on my web-blog-thing, lets hope I don't mess it up (trying to keep my page neat and tidy) :P

At the moment I'm just trying to get motivated into making a flash, I need some inspiration... hmm. I haven't made a serious flash in donkey's years now since 'The Guide' and that seems at pretty poor quality to me now. Any good ideas would be appreciated, just drop in a comment or pm ;)

Themes I'm thinking of at the moment are either a Galactic, Futuristic setting, or a magical Fantasy setting (much like my favoured flash movie Penndragon).


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2007-07-27 13:21:56


Battered-Prawn responds:

Yay, my first comment :P
'ello to you to.


2007-07-29 15:41:42

...ello. :)

Battered-Prawn responds:

Lol, maybe I can have all my comments as ''ello'.
Anyway.. 'ello Mr-Dark.


2007-09-02 08:26:25

good post d00d


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