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Subject no#2 erm.. stuff.

2007-07-30 04:46:29 by Battered-Prawn

So trying to make a movie didn't go so well..
So I've been working collaboratively instead (big word :O), more because I cant be bothered to think of a storyline and go though hours of work on one flash piece. Also I've become interested in games! I've started to learn AS2 and now I understand the basics of it, so hopefully in a few weeks time I'll be able to make a decent game, and get MONEHH! (sponsorships :P).
I've learnt enough to make this small shitty thing.
And here's a small animation I made cos I was bored :)

Oh and if anyone is looking for an artist for their game look no further ;)


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2007-08-01 13:06:29

i actually enjoyed the animation, but for a storyline just rip something from a random webcomic, no one will ever know

Battered-Prawn responds:

Thanks, maybe I should :)


2007-08-11 22:03:13

Eh, that work looks so differently from the parts you made for a collab. That's odd. Your work for the collab is a gazillion times better :O

Battered-Prawn responds:

Yerr, the work piece on my userpage was done in 30 mins cos I was bored, the work I did on the collab took hours an hours due to dedication :)